Although the domestic vacuum flask has been around for more than 100 years, until recently it was still considered a specialist item for carrying hot or cold drinks.


Only in the last 20 years has competition by manufacturers and the development of new materials and technologies, led to a range of thermos containers for every possible use. The traditional thermos bottle for keeping coffee hot has been joined by thermos food jars for carrying hot food,  insulated water bottles that keep drinks cold and can be used one-handed, and thermos travel mugs that allow you to brew your coffee at home and drink it on the subway.


By searching through the top selling and top reviewed vacuum containers on Amazon, and reading many technical product descriptions, comments and reviews, (with special attention to the 6 Things To Look For When Buying A Vacuum Flask) Best Thermos has created a shortlist of the best thermoses for every use.

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Best Stainless Steel Coffee Thermos


Thermos Nissan 61-Oz (1.8L) Stainless Steel Thermos Flask with Folding Handle


61 oz Thermos Stainless Steel

Do you need a traditional large thermos to keep your coffee or soup hot?

Then the Thermos Nissan Stainless Steel Flask is the one you seek.

Five star rated, it can keep up to 10 cups of coffee hot and fresh for 24 hours. The only criticism is that it is bulky and with dimensions of 14.1 x 5 x 4.6  inches and weighing in at  2.8 pounds, that is well deserved comment.

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Best Insulated Food Jar


Thermos Foogo 10-Oz (295ml) Leak Proof Stainless Steel Food Jar


Thermos Foogo Leak-Proof Stainless Steel

With almost 1000 5-star reviews on Amazon, the  Foogo Thermos Food Jar is top of the class. The Foogo was specifically designed to keep food safe with babies and kids in mind. The stainless steel is unbreakable and a wide mouth means it is easy to fill and eat from. All plastics are  BPA free and FDA approved. The Foogo comes in a variety of bright colors.


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Best Vacuum Water Bottle


Thermos 24-Oz (709ml) Water Bottle


Thermos 24oz Water_With plastic bottles raising concerns over health issues and the environment, it did not take long before the demand for stainless steel insulated water bottles led to sports bottles that are specifically designed for activities where hydration is important.

This Thermos Hydration Bottle is the best of it’s type on the market. Where the object  is to keep a beverage cold, this bottle will keep your drink frosty for up to 12 hours, 10 times longer than an ordinary water bottle. It’s wide neck means you can toss in a few ice blocks as well. The flip top lid means that it can be opened and used one-handed.



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Best Travel Coffee Mug

Zojirushi SM-KHE48NL 16-Oz (473ml) Travel Mug


Zojirushi 16oz

It used to be easy to define what a travel mug was, but the increased popularity of commuting with your morning coffee, or having the coffee shop fill your own mug, has led to a variety of insulated flasks/mugs/containers that go by that name.

The Zojirushi SM-KHE48NL Stainless Steel Mug has a flask body, but in reality it is the Rolls Royce of insulated travel mugs. Not only does it keep coffee hot for hours but it is easy to clean and good looking. Another thing that makes it  an best choice is that it can be opened and used with just one hand. With over 800 5-star reviews on Amazon, this is the ultimate travel mug.


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