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It is often the simple things, the unregarded things, that we would miss the most if they were gone. Take the simple thermos flask. I have three of different sizes and use and would definitely miss themĀ  if they vanished.

The vacuum flask was invented 122 years ago by Sir James Dewar to keep his experiments at constant temprature. He didn’t even consider his invention interesting enough to patent.

It was left up to a pair of German glassblowers to figure out what it was good for. In 1904 they gave their flask the tradename “Thermos” and it has been used to keep things hot or to keep things cold since.

The thermos has not changed much since then, but better design and materials have enabled it to take on many forms. It remains ever popular and useful, and is found in all shapes and sizes.

In case you were wondering, a typical domestic flask should keep liquid cool for about 24 hours and warm for up to 8.

This site seeks to make it easier for you to choose the best thermos for your need without having to read endless pages of Amazon. We do the work by finding the best sellers and then trying to work out why they are best sellers. We scan the reviews, comments and technical specifications and then rate vacuum insulated containers of each category on a 10 point system according to 5 key criteria. This way we can break down each containers performance, pro’s and con’s to make it easy for you to choose.