Review: Thermos 24-Oz (710ml) Insulated Hydration Bottle

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With plastic bottles causing concern over health issues and the environment, it was not long stainless steel water bottles appeared that are specifically designed for sports and other activities. These bottles are not only healthier and better for the environment, but are able to take the rough and tumble of an active lifestyle while keeping your favorite beverage nicely chilled. The 24 Ounce Thermos Hydration Bottle is the best of this type and boasts 415/522 5-star reviews on Amazon.



  • Vacuum insulation technology ensures maximum temperature retention, no condensation or water rings
  • The durable stainless steel interior and exterior can take hard knocks
  • Keeps liquids cold up to 12 hours, that’s 10 times longer than a plastic water bottle
  • A wide neck allows you to toss in a few ice blocks
  • Flip top lid makes it easy to open and use
  • Lock prevents accidental opening
  • Fits most automotive cup holders
  • Comes in two attractive finishes, Charcoal and Stainless Steel
  • All plastics are BPA free


The claim by Thermos that the 24-Oz Insulated Hydration Bottle keeps liquids cold for 12 hours is well supported by customer experiences. The bottle is also easy to clean as the plastic lid simply screws off the body. This stainless steelĀ  flask is not rated for the dishwasher, but if it is used for its intended purpose, then a quick rinse in warm soapy water should do the trick.

This water bottle is designed specifically for cold liquids, and NOT intended for hot liquids however several customers have used it successfully for coffee. Since the lid does not come apart like with the Zojirushi 16-Oz Stainless Steel Mug, using it for coffee makes it a challenge to clean.

Criticisms of this stainless water bottle include that the seal gives way after a while. This is not the norm as most customers report using it for years with no trouble. There were also some people who found the flip top hard to use with one hand. This is partially because the clip can be fiddly and partially because the water bottle is large. Neither of these issues should be a deal breaker for what is otherwise and excellent product.

This bottle is fairly hefty so if you need a smaller model, visit the Top Insulated Water Bottles list for other selections that may better suit your needs.


Thermos Hydration Bottle

What Amazon buyers are saying

-“So far this bottle has exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure about first, but I’m glad I bought it. I tested it on a hot day, I put 4 ice cubes with some Gatorade and I was surprised to see that the cubes were still in there even after 6 hours, a couple of those in my car. I then tested the bottle without ice cubes, I put in some cold water which was also cold after hours of being in various locations (office, car, house).”


-“I purchased this for my bicycle trips. My trips last anywhere from an hour to three and this thermos keeps my water ice cold the whole time, even without ice cubes. … This thermos fits my bicycle’s bottle cage (standard width) perfectly and slides in and out with no problem. I wish I had purchased this thermos a lot sooner!”

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