Review: Thermos Foogo Leak Proof Stainless Steel Food Jar, 10-Oz (295ml)


Thermos Foogo Leak-Proof Stainless SteelWith 71% 5-star reviews on Amazon, the Foogo Stainless Steel Food Jar is top of the class and the top selling food jar on Amazon. This inexpensive flask was designed to keep food safe with babies and school-going children in mind. The jar is constructed with stainless steel and a wide mouth means it is easy to fill and eat from.



  • Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior keeps food safe
  • Wide opening for easy eating and cleaning
  • Thermax double wall vacuum insulated. This is Thermos latest and best  proprietary vacuum technology
  • Keeps contents cold and fresh for seven hours, warm for five hours
  • All plastics are  BPA, Phthalate, Nitrosamine, Latex, PVC free and FDA approved
  • Comes in 5 bright colors
  • Inexpensive



The Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Food Jar is part of the Thermos Foogo range that is designed with the little ones in mind, but there is no reason that big people can’t use it as well. The lid and base are covered in non-slip rubber and the jar is light, compact and portable. The 10-Oz (295ml) capacity is enough for kids and most adults. Another plus for this food jar is that it can be popped in the top rack of the dishwasher.

All in all this food jar behaves exactly as specified by Thermos. Reviews by buyers indicate that times claimed for keeping contents hot and cold are spot on, although there is an issue that crops up with a faulty lid. The cause is unclear but could be related to bad handling during shipping. The result is that the flask does not keep contents hot or cold as expected. In all cases a replacement unit behaved properly.

There is another possible issue with the lid. In this case when the jar filled is with hot food, the lid seals and cannot be opened till the food cools. This seems to be a result of a fault in the gasket seal that makes the jar spill proof. Other customer issues were that the seal on the lid is hard to clean if food gets in it, and that the rubber on the lid and base discolors if it gets food or juice on it.

Issues with the lid aside, the Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Food Jar performs exactly as advertised and boasts excellent features. This inexpensive food jar impressed buyers so much with it’s  performance that some have bought multiple units.



 What Amazon Buyers Are Saying


– “the product works as claimed and the food will stay hot for five hours if it starts out boiling hot, the jar is at least minimally pre-warmed with hot water from a tap, and the jar is stored at room temp.”


– “Good thermos, keeps food warm until lunch, no leakage, washes in dishwasher (top shelf) OK, survived over a year of use so far. I wish they made some bigger ones that were not too deep and resembled bowl in shape.”


– “This has been excellent for my son’s lunch. Food stays hot from 7, when I pack his lunch, until about 11, when they eat. Easy to clean and easy for him to get all of the food out of. Great buy.”


Foogo and fruit


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