line of flasksThe original vacuum flask made famous by the Thermos company had a glass liner that was hand-made by a glass blower.

The thermos flask arrived the right time in history to be imminently useful to a new class of workers, employed in mass manufacturing. That it could keep their soup hot for hours must have seemed like magic to the hardworking German workers who were the first purchasers of flasks. The fact that it could itself be inexpensively mass produced, didn’t hurt either.

It is unusual to find a glass lined thermos flask in stores today, as the durability of stainless steel has made it the material of choice for most modern vacuum flasks.


Large Thermos Flasks


1. Thermos Nissan 61-Ounce (1.8L) Stainless Steel Bottle With Folding Handle


61 ounce Thermos NissanThis is a traditional coffee thermos with a 61 ounce (1.8 L) capacity.


The good:

  • Keeps coffee hot for 24 hours as advertised
  • Good quality
  • Huge capacity
  • Tough

The bad:

  • Bulky
  • Narrow mouth

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2. Thermos 34-Ounce (1L) Stainless Steel Bottle With Folding Handle

34 Oz Thermos Stainless Steel


The good news is that this is the little brother of the larger 61-Ounce above. It shares all the family DNA, good and bad in a smaller package. Great for coffee, tough but with a smaller capacity of 34 Ounces (1 L) and a smaller mouth.


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3. Thermos Stainless King 40-Ounce (1.2L) Bottle, Midnight Blue

Thermos Stainless King 40oz

Traditional flask with a twist and pour lid and cap that doubles as a cup. It has a large 40-Oz (1.2L) capacity and a carry handle. This is a Thermos product, not the Nissan range so it is cheaper that the 61-Ounce Thermos that is #1 on this list.

The good:

  • Thermal performance as advertised
  • Good Value
  • Stainless Steel interior
  • Tough

The bad:

  • Repeated quality control issues with sealing spoils this product. If you buy, test immediately and return if it doesn’t perform.


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Small Thermos Flasks


1. Zojirushi SV-GHE50, 17-Ounce (500ml) Tuff Slim Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle

Zojirushi 17oz GHE50 Stainless flaskTraditional flask with an easy pour lid and cap that doubles as a cup.

The good:

  • Compact and stylish design
  • Briefcase flask
  • Wide mouth
  • Hot and cold as promised
  • Exterior and Interior Stainless Steel

The bad:

  • Easy pour lid does not pour evenly
  • Easy pour lid can is hard to clean and can become gungy
  • Issues with the lid failing to seal


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